Genomic data analyst opening @ ARTbio – COllaborative NEtwork on research for Children and Teenagers with Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia

January 2019 Galactic News – Events (Admin Training, PAG, GSOC, GCC, GalaxyAdmins), Platforms, Pubs, Jobs, COTM!, Doc, Training, Tools, Releases and more

Galaxy and Google Summer of Code 2019 – Projects Wanted


Tutorial of the Month: "Genome annotation with Prokka", selected by Simon Gladman

Contributor of the Month: Simon Gladman


Galaxy integration with the Data Miner Service – Webinar, 10:00 CET

Cloud Resource Federation for Galaxy – bring together disparate data and compute resources to effectively handle large data and long computations

2019 Galaxy Admin Training – The ins and outs of setting up your own production quality Galaxy server

Traitement de données de séquences par Galaxy – convivial d'utilisation pour celles et ceux qui seraient réfractaires à la programmation sous UNIX et R

Galaxy HTS data analysis workshop – Galaxy beginner workshop on High-Throughput data analysis